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Unit 9 Observatory Industrial Park

Lower Scott Street, Observatory

Cape Town, 7925

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Our Workmanship

We believe in our quality and service which is why we have placed a 5 year guarantee on our all of our workmanship.  All of our craftsmen have certified qualifications within the industry, and strive to deliver the highest level of craftsmanship by creating products that last.  

Good communication and teamwork is key to our success, with every member of our team adopting a positive, hands-on approach to delivering on our promise of excellence. 



We believe in excellence in design and functionality, which is why we offer solid surface counter tops, in our Anthracite and Platinum ranges, which carry a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. 

The solid surface countertops we use are composed of advanced natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer/resin, with moisture, heat, UV, scratch, and stain resistant properties.  Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and food safe, these solid surfaces are ideal for use in kitchens.  They are so hygienic that they can even been used for sensitive applications such as work counter surfaces in hospitals.  Solid surfaces are hardwearing, and unlike laminate surfaces they are incapable of peeling or rotting due to excess water penetrating into the countertop.

Colours and patterns run all the way through which means that the colour or design of your surface will never fade.  Available in myriad colour options from opaque and translucent solids, to speckled and swirled patterns that are able to closely mimmic natural elements such as marble and granite, your countertop (or splash back) becomes a design feature that can be customised to suit your specific style.  Additional features such as seamless joining, inlay and embossing options, printability, backlighting effects and formability give you endless design options to create a truly unique space.  

Although these surfaces are extremely hard wearing, and are they are unlikely to be damaged through proper use, accidents do happen and in the event of a countertop needing to be repaired the repair can be done on site.  Scratches can easily be removed by sanding and polishing the surface, while burn marks caused by boiling hot pans placed directly on the surface can be repaired with an inlay (unlike marble or granite tops that would have to be replaced entirely).  

The images below are examples of solid surface countertops and are for inspiration only – availability is subject to our suppliers and manufacturers.




At CCMI we only use fittings of the highest international standards. 

The runners used in our Bianca range are full-extension Regular Ball Bearing Slides by King Slide. The action of the runners is ultra smooth with high stability, and a high loading capacity (up to 45kg). With normal use each runner is expected to endure 50,000 life cycles before showing signs of wear, giving you drawers that will operate smoothly for many years.  

King Slide is an award-winning producer of world-class hardware. The company won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2013 for their rigid adherence to quality.

All of our other fitted hardware is by Hettich* – world leaders in the furniture technology industry. 

Hettich produces superior quality runners, hinges, drawer systems, and more.  Their products are innovative, reliable, and untiring performers setting the benchmark for function, quality and comfort.  Every single Hettich fitting that we use at CCMI carries a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty that will give you peace of mind knowing that your built-in furniture is an investment in your home.

Our Bianca range features Hettich Intermat concealed hinges.  We selected Hettich’s Intermat hinges based on their strength and durability.  They have the highest quality classification under European Standards (Level 3 EN 15570) for hardware used in furniture, and will ensure that the doors on your built-in furniture operate smoothly for a life time.

We chose Hettich’s award-winning Sensys hinges for our Champagne, Anthracite, and Platinum ranges, making the benchmark in furniture hinges available to you.  These ‘soft-close’ hinges feature an integrated Silent System that closes any door gently and reliably.  The 35º automatic closing angle effortlessly slows down even heavy doors closed with a hard push to prevent slamming.  The Silent System is designed to perform across an exceptionally wide range of temperatures, allowing hinges exposed to heat from direct sunlight, or cold in unheated buildings, to still operate perfectly.  The optimum temperature range for silent operation is +5ºC to +40ºC making it the perfect hinge for the South African climate.  Sensys hinges are precision adjustable to ensure that doors are always perfectly aligned.  The award-winning design is not only practical, but has an aesthetic appeal that will compliment your furniture finishes with style and class.  

Our Champagne and Anthracite ranges feature exceptionally durable drawer runners from Hettich’s Quadro range.  The runners in the Quadro range are cleverly concealed under the bottom panel of the drawer giving your drawers an elegant finish.  As many as 180 steel balls work harmoniously to ensure exceptional long lasting functionality – day after day, year after year.  

For our Champagne range we selected Hettich Quadro 25 partial extension runners.  The Quadro 25 runners feature an integrated Silent System which closes the drawer gently and quietly.  Galvanised steel construction makes them suitable for use in furniture exposed to moisture, such as bathroom vanities and kitchen drawers.  Hettich’s runners have undergone stringent testing for their weight-baring ability.  The Quadro 25 partial extension runners perform perfectly with loads of up to 25kg, achieving Level 3 certification under European Standards for loading capacity (EN 15338).


Our Anthracite range features Quadro’s 4D V6 full extension runners with a load capacity of 30kg.  What sets the Quadro 4D V6 apart from the Quadro 25 (used in our Champagne range) is the ability of the runner to extend the drawer fully so that the back of the drawer is completely accessible when fully open.  The 4D runner catch has a unique tool-less tilt adjustment feature to ensure that drawers remain perfectly level even when fully extended at maximum load capacity.  

Our Platinum range takes drawers to the next level with Hettich’s ArciTech Drawer Systems.  The forward thinking design team at Hettich have made it possible for us at CCMI to build kitchens that will last a lifetime and will be a true investment in the future of your home.  Their innovative ArciTech systems feature Actro runners with a unique prism principle and synchronised control mechanism bringing secure, gentle action to even heavy drawers.  ArciTech lets your furniture meet even the most exacting demands, making light work of moving heavy drawers.  Whether it be an internal pull-out pantry shelf, pots and pans drawer, or waste system, ArciTech has an elegant solution to suit your needs with a vast selection of designer side profiles.  ArciTech systems have the capacity to carry loads of 40, 60 and even 80kg, making it the perfect solution for high and wide drawers, while keeping the design aesthetic of your space sleek and stylish.  Our Platinum range offers you the ArciTech system in four colours: white, silver, champagne and anthracite. 

*If for any reason Hettich hardware is not available (or suitable for a particular application) substitutes adhering to the same European Standards will be selected from Blum, Grass, or Häfele.  If you have personal preference to use fittings from Blum, Grass or Häfele, it may affect your quote as calculated by our budget planner which uses Hettich as the baseline.  We do not recommend hardware by any other brands.  We have thoroughly researched all available hardware and have chosen to work only with brands that have undergone astringent testing and meet with a particular standard as set out by European Standards for hardware used in furniture.