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Unit 9 Observatory Industrial Park

Lower Scott Street, Observatory

Cape Town, 7925

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Our Ranges

We have used our extensive knowledge within the industry to meticulously select a tasteful array of colour, finishes, fittings and worktops, and have created four ranges that give you an abundance of options to choose from.


Bianca is our entry level range where affordability is the key focus, without compromising on the quality.  Although this is described as our ‘entry-level’ range, the products we have chosen will provide a quality, classy, and sleek space in your home.

White Melawood carcasses form the base of our Bianca range, with Melawood colour finishes and Formica laminate countertops to bring your personal style to life.

Hardware fittings of the highest international standards are used.  The King Slide full-extension ball bearing runners that we use ensure that drawers are strong and durable with a smooth running action.  The Hettich Intermat hinges that we install on our Bianca range have the highest rating for strength and durability by European Standards.

Our Bianca range makes it possible for you to install a well-designed kitchen with style and class on a tight budget.  You can also combine elements from our Bianca range with elements from other ranges to suit your taste and available budget.  Learn more about our budget planner here >

Please contact us for a consultation and to view the entire selection available in our Bianca range.


Champagne is our mid-level range, offering a high-class look and feel which is achieved by using a select range of locally produced melamine boards and counter tops, guaranteeing you a beautiful and affordable space in your home.  

Colour Melawood carcasses form the base of our Champagne range, with On Spec melamine finishes and Top Form ES counter tops to give your design the look and feel you desire.  The postform counter tops by Top Form are available in matte black, and white, (as well as a range of other colours) giving you beautiful options for a modern work surface.

Hettich fittings are used throughout, giving you long lasting hardware of the highest European Standard. All of the fitted hardware in our Champagne range carries a 25 year manufacturer's warranty.  Sensys Silent System hinges will ensure that your cabinet doors close quietly even with a hard push.   The partial extension Quadro runners are hidden beneath the drawer box giving your drawers a sleek finish, and smooth, silent running action.

Our Champagne range gives you the freedom to express your personal style with a design edge whilst staying budget friendly.  You may of course combine elements from our Champagne range with elements from other ranges.  Learn more about how combining ranges works here >

Please contact us for a consultation and to view the entire selection available in our Champagne range.


Our premium ranges start with Anthracite – with this range you will have the largest selection of finishes.  As usual, quality and affordability are of paramount importance, but good aesthetics and higher quality fittings have been taken into consideration to result in a tasteful and functional space.


On Spec melamine board carcasses form the base for our Anthracite range, with the Egger Feelwood range as an option for your external finishes.  Egger is an imported melamine board of exceptional quality with a natural look and feel, giving the impression of natural wood without the special care and longterm maintenance that real wood would require.

Solid surface counter tops really set our premium ranges apart from our entry-level and mid-level ranges. Originally developed in the 1960's, they are still the most versatile and modern option available today. The solid surface countertops that we install carry a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.


Hettich Sensys Silent System hinges feature on cabinets, ensuring smooth silent opening and closing of doors.  Drawers feature Hettich's Quadro 4D full extension runners with a higher loading capacity, and smooth running action.  Drawer runners are hidden beneath the drawer box for an elegant finish.  The hardware on our Anthracite range carries a 25 year manufacturer's warranty, and is of the highest European Standard for hardware used in furniture.


Our Anthracite range with its wide selection of finishes gives you true freedom to express your personal style; combine elements from our Anthracite range with other ranges to create a kitchen that is as unique as you are.  See how combing ranges affects your budget here >

Please contact us for a consultation and to view the entire selection available in our Anthracite range.


Platinum is our premium selection utilising superior fittings and finishes in an array of choices that provide the discerning home owner with a guaranteed up-market, stylish, chic and contemporary result.

Egger Feelwood carcasses form the base of our platinum range, with a large selection of premium finishes available to compliment the natural look and feel of this top-quality board.  Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are made of 18mm MDF and are available in a variety of profiles – with either foil wrap (PVC wrap), or our select palette of satin spray finishes.  Combined with Staron solid surface countertops, your kitchen will have ample aesthetic appeal.

As with our Champagne and Anthracite ranges cabinets feature Hettich Sensys hinges, but we've taken drawers to the next level with Hettich ArciTech Drawer Systems.  ArciTech drawers are available in a variety of profiles to suit each drawer's specific function and is available in four colour options: white, champagne, anthracite and silver.

Our Platinum range maximises the impact of your design style and the functionality of your space; this range gives you total freedom of expression with the vast array of possible combinations of profiles, textures, and finishes. Learn to combine elements from the Platinum range with other ranges >

Please contact us for a consultation and to view the entire selection available in our Platinum range.