Our ranges

Our ranges give you the freedom to express yourself without breaking the bank.

We have used our extensive knowledge to create four ranges,

giving you an abundance of budget friendly options to choose from.

Our ranges have been created with quality and affordability in mind.

We have meticulously selected products that we have tried and tested, and trust for their durability and aesthetic appeal.  We want you to get the best value for money whilst expressing your personal style with class. 

Our ranges are split into four different price categories, and a further price split in our premium ranges giving you an easy to understand overview of just how much bang you can get for your buck.


– our entry-level range that is focused on being affordable without compromising on quality 


– our mid-level range offering a high-class look and feel, guaranteeing you a beautiful affordable space 


– our first-level premium range with a large selection of finishes that will result in a tasteful and functional space 


– our premium selection offering superior fittings and finishes providing an up-market result 


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